So How does an Autistic Sports fan become a fan of Wrestling???

I was attracted to the sport of Wrestling in school. It didn’t really sink in until I started meeting all of these wrestlers on Facebook– male and female — and got to watch them do their thing and cheer them on from afar. I got to make friendships with some of the most amazing folks, and got to witness some amazing feats. I learned about the sport from folks who participate in the sport. 

In turn, I get to share my story with folks who are amazingly compassionate and warm hearted.

I offer up a hearty round of congratulations to all of my wrestler friends and their family members. 


Lord, please let this happen. We have had so long of a title drought that even the Cubs (108 years- it hasn’t been that long) stoked our fire.
We have had numerous close calls over the years. Lord, You remember 2003, when the football team  came to the precipice of that grand stage, yet were rudely turned away. Oh Lord, You surely remember 2007, when we rolled into Austin but yet again were denied. Lord, Oh Sweet Lord who consoles the broken hearted, You definitely remember last season, when we stormed to San Antonio and came FINALLY to the championship game, yet the fickle taste of victory slipped from our grasp and we ended up as runner up. 

Lord, Hear our prayers. We need this badly. It’s been a quarter century since we last tasted the rarified air that we now once again breathe. Make Magic happen. Move this one last obstacle from in front of our eyes. Let us finally taste success on the grand stage to where we have fought  like junkyard dogs to reach. Grant us what we have so long fought for. 

In Jesus name we pray AMEN!

I’m on Cloud Nine…

This weekend is the 2017 #UILState Basketball Tournament in San Antonio, Texas. (All photos courtesy Lori Lermon/Facebook)

My hometown team is one of the final 24 teams who survived the playoffs to get to this point. Today was Semifinal Friday for 2A (their classification) 3A, and 4A. We blew out our opposition 62-37 to EARN our second consecutive trip to the 2A Final (Saturday, 1:30 pm, Alamodome).

As someone who has been through this, I can understand wholeheartedly how excited these girls are. I am a 2 time (2010,2011) state champ in Golf skills for Special Olympics. I feel the passion that these girls are feeling….. I lived it two years in a row.

My excitement will RAMP UP tomorrow as Panhandle (1-2A) will face an unknown opponent in Martin’s Mill  for the right to be called CHAMPION.  This weekend marks 25 years since Panhandle’s last state title, which fittingly enough came in girls basketball. I had moved 2 years earlier to Panhandle, so I barely remember anything about it. This is the 3rd time I’ve witnessed this run:

  • 2007- multiple game winning shots led to first state tournament appearance since 1991-1992 season, but fell short.
  • 2016- first appearance in new home (San Antonio); went to 2A State final but fell short.

This is the second straight appearance in the 2A Final for Panhandle. What a ride it has been over the past 2 seasons, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Ettes bring it home on the 25th anniversary of the last state title….. A fitting conclusion to one of the toughest droughts in school history.

Good luck Ettes. Tomorrow we’ll “Go All The Way” as Eddie Vedder put it……

I am….

​I have autism. God is my pilot. He is in control of all things in my life. I trust that one day I will face Him and He will ask me “What have you done with your life for Me?” I will stand ready to answer Him with these words: “Sir, it’s not what I’ve done for You. It’s what You’ve done for me. You sacrificed your life for me. You walked upon this earth as a human being and died as a martyr for Your Father’s cause. You are the reason I’m who I am. Thank You.” I’m very humbled and blessed. God is using me to bless others. I thank Him for the honor of being able to minister through Social Media.

Quote of the day

​”The enemy is always scheming and striving to convince us that a little sin won’t hurt. The lies he feeds us have potential to build a false mindset within us creating cracks in our faith. They compromise our obedience to God, allowing sin to seep in and settle into the deep places of our soul, which not only affect us but also those we do life with. So let’s be willing to ask the questions we’re tempted to avoid:

What have I allowed into my life and deemed “innocent” that is potentially harmful?

 Am I mingling with someone who has become a bad influence?

What unhealthy habits have I justified to fulfill my personal desires?

Take some time to process these questions with the Lord. Allow Him to renew your mind with His truth and be willing to take new steps towards make better choices starting today.”

Leah DiPascal